Storing Your Gluten Free Bread

Storing Your Gluten Free Bread
As a small company that's only been around for a few months, we are still a work in progress and we rely on feedback from our customers to keep improving our loaves.⁠

One issue that has popped up a bit, is the short shelf-life of our loaves. In particular, we've (rightly) received concerns about the appearance of mould on The Seedy One before the expiry date and thought we'd better explain...⁠

Unlike many Gluten Free breads, The Seedy One contains no additives or preservatives and is also made with Psyllium husk which stores moisture and prevents the loaf from drying out and crumbling. ⁠

Because of this, all of our packaging suggests that you store the loaves in a refrigerator. As the days become more humid, this is especially important!⁠

If you don't think you'll get through the whole loaf before the expiry date, simply slice it up and freeze it because they taste just as good when they're defrosted or toasted up.⁠

And while we ship all of your loaves fresh – using an overnight courier – we cannot guarantee next-day delivery. ⁠

So whether you're shopping with us online or through one of our stockists, please keep a close eye on those dates and store your bread accordingly. ⁠

And if this still isn't cutting it, please don't hesitate to let us know. We believe we are making a great product but we're always looking for ways to improve as well!⁠

Thank you for your support x
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