Lucy's Story

You might be surprised to learn that Lucy's background is not in baking. In fact – as a trained theatre nurse, mother of three, garden enthusiast and Raglan local – her Gluten Free journey actually began as a necessity when she noticed that one of her children had developed a sensitiviy to wheat.

Like many people starting their gluten free journey, she really struggled finding any bread that didn’t feel like it was a compromise in taste and texture compared to normal bread. So she decided to make her own and – after many failed attempts – finally got to the point where she felt that the bread she was making was better than anything she had tried or bought.

Before going Gluten Free, she would often buy Volare Sourdough and started to wonder why they didn't offer anything Gluten Free. On a whim, she decided to track down the founders and ask them directly. One very long phone call later, she found herself in the Volare bakery in Hamilton, face to face with the founders Ed & Ryan.

As it turned out, Lucy's timing couldn't have been more perfect. They had always wanted to offer Gluten Free, but didn’t have the time. They admired Lucy's eagerness and thought that her loaves had a lot of potential – so jumped at the opportunity to collaborate. Two years of trials, a few lockdowns, and one purpose-built bakery later, Lucy's Gluten Free is now being enjoyed all around New Zealand.

But what makes the loaves different?

All of Lucy's loaves are made by hand, so each loaf is unique and may differ in shape. Focusing on using less ingredients – but better ingredients – you'll notice that Lucy's loaves don't have a long shelf life and are made to be eaten fresh.