Gluten Free Bread That Folds?

Gluten Free Bread That Folds?

You'd better believe it! Gluten Free Bread that can fold, just like normal bread!

Have you ever tried a Gluten Free bread that's so soft and airy you actually want to eat fresh? That's what The White One is becoming famous for. We set out to create a sandwich loaf that didn't compromise on taste or texture – one that you wouldn't even know was Gluten Free if we you weren't told – and by the sounds of it, we've done just that.

Check out what one happy customer – Kim B – had to say about The White One...

"My partner was diagnosed as celiac in 2020 and was so disappointed because fresh sandwiches were his favourite food. I squeezed this loaf in Farro and was hopeful because it was squishy feeling, but didn’t expect much because every Gluten Free bread we’ve had before has only been good toasted.

Low and behold, we actually couldn’t believe it was Gluten Free - my partner had to come and see the packet for himself because he didn’t trust it was gluten free and was worried when I took some in for him to try. 

Lucy is clearly a witch because I don’t know how she made GF bread taste this good. Thank you for bringing a little taste of normalcy back into our gluten free life!!"

So, if you're on the hunt for a pre-sliced gluten free sandwich bread, keep an eye out for the Lucy's packet with the red label. And keep reading for our favourite ways to eat it...

Crunchy Chippie Sammie

Club Sandwiches

Sausage Sizzle

Peanut Butter & Jam

Fairy Bread


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