Keep Lucy’s Fresher for Longer

Keep Lucy’s Fresher for Longer

We get a bunch of questions about storing our loaves, especially now that the weather is so warm. So we thought we’d share these FAQ’s with you to help keep your loaves fresher for longer.

 How long do your loaves stay fresh?

 Our loaves stay fresh for approximately five days. To maximise freshness, consider freezing the bread a couple of days before the expiry date. This approach ensures that the bread is at its peak quality when placed in the freezer.

 It’s so hot! Where should I store my fresh loaves?

 Store fresh loaves in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If possible, use an air-tight container, this can help maintain freshness by preventing exposure to air. Avoid the fridge, as it may dry out the bread faster in warm weather.

 Can I freeze Lucy's bread in the bag?

 Yes, freezing Lucy's bread in the bag is fine for short-term storage. However, for prolonged storage, we recommend using an airtight container. This container will help prevent freezer burn and maintain the bread's quality.

 Let us know how you get on and if you have any tips!

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