Lucy's New Packaging: Paper Recyclable

Lucy's New Packaging: Paper Recyclable
Over the coming weeks, you may notice some slight changes to our packaging, so we thought we'd better explain why!

As you know, we are a new company and always looking for better ways to do business – whether that's improving our processes or our products – and we think we've found a better way to package our breads. So, while our first run of bread bags were home compostable, we've decided to make the switch to a paper recyclable product instead. 

Why We Made The Switch

Firstly, we've learned that there is no perfect packaging solution and that the best approach is to find a product that makes sense for the most amount of people. It's come to our attention that most people don’t compost and that there’s no public collection in many towns. And because they’re not recyclable, most will end up in the landfill.

Additionally, we noticed that the lining in our home compostable bags made our loaves sweat (especially during these past humid months) which could lead to mould.

For these reasons, we’ve opted for a paper-recyclable packaging solution, which gives the greatest chance of the material having another life. 

What's The New Packaging Made Of?

We always aim to reduce the use of plastic in everything we do, so we were excited to discover that the paper technology in our new packaging helps to reduce the plastic component by 85% and renders our bags paper recyclable. This means, you can simply pop your empty bag in with the rest of your curbside paper recycling.

You'll notice that the bag has a plastic lining that has a special additive, which allows it to enter the paper recycling system. From there, the two are separated and processed individually. While we'd love to have an entirely paper bag, the lining allows the bag to seal and be food safe, which is especially important with Gluten Free products.

What About The Old Bags?

In order to avoid additional waste, we will only be shifting to the new bags when the old ones run out. So make sure to read the packaging carefully so that you know how best to dispose of the bag you receive.

How To Store Your Bread

Once you've opened your sealed Lucy's loaf, it's usually best to transfer it to an airtight container and store it in a cool, dry place. Or if you don't think you'll polish it off before the best before date, you can always pop it in the freezer and it will be just as fresh when you pull it out and defrost it or use it for toast down the track!

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